Preliminary design


Arriving at a preliminary design proceeds in three steps:  Preparation, concept drawings and bid set drawings. We will walk you through this process to make sure you know what to expect at each stage.

  • Preparation: Preliminary design typically takes several months. While it may take more or less time, this is a critical step in ensuring that the finished home is everything you wanted it to be. Because it can be difficult to explain a vision for a home in words alone, we encourage clients to compile a scrapbook of pictures organized by room or component.
  • Concept drawings: After discussions about your lifestyle and desires, the architect produces rough sketches that evolve as your vision takes shape. Because concept drawings can be done quickly, they allow you to try different things without incurring large costs. As we begin to understand the features and amenities you envision, we formulate a rough estimate of price per square foot and your target budget.
  • Bid set drawings: The architect uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce scale drawings that reflect all elevations and a floor plan for each level of the home. Premium Construction then writes design specifications that detail information not shown on the drawings. Unlike most contractors, Premium Construction takes an additional step of inviting subcontractors to evaluate the drawings and design specifications pertaining to their areas of expertise to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective design. The bid set drawings, along with the design specifications, are then sent out for competitive bidding.

After the subcontractors return their estimates, we can capture a clearer picture of true costs and establish the budget. Once you are happy with the preliminary design, the architect or draftsman begins work on the final design.